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Via S. Pietro in Lama 23
73100 Lecce

Built in 1400, the Convento di San Domenico fuori le mura stands witness to the renewal of Dominican spirituality in the monastic movements of its time, when it became a most important site for Christian pilgrimages. As happened to numerous other Dominican convents at the turn of the 18th century, it was suppressed under a law issued by Gioacchino Murat in 1809: it was Murat himself who entered the convent with his full army, demolishing a series of arches in the cloister. The convent was subsequently re-founded in 1823 thanks to a decree issued by Ferdinand I but only few years later the Dominican monks abandoned the convent for ever. The building was subsequently used in numerous ways: in 1846 it became a factory making cream of tartar and in 1866 it became the municipal slaughterhouse. At the beginning of the last century the structure was bought by Gregorio Falconieri who adapted it to a winery that continued in use until the 1970s when it again became the property of the provincial agricultural consortium that transferred its stores there and converted it into a workshop. In 1990, following two years of radical restoration, the convent returned to its ancient splendour.



The county town of Lecce is the cultural and business centre of the Salento district, sited 11 kilometres from the Adriatic cost and 23 from the Ionian Sea.

In the past, the city's intellectual tradition earned it the title of the University of Apulia and, despite the changes brought by time that has not completely passed it by, Lecce still maintains the feel and charm of an ancient township.

The capital of Salento boasts an architectural heritage that for the most part dates from the end of the 16th century, when the Renaissance style was evolving into the baroque, and the early years of the 18th century when the baroque style reached its peak. Thanks to the patronage of the church, it was during this period that Lecce was enriched by its most sumptuous ecclesiastical buildings in which master builders and craftsmen outdid one another in their ingenuity and creativity, giving each and every new building un unmistakable stamp of at times even exuberant originality.


By train

For train times visit the following site: Trenitalia.
The Convento di San Domenico is about 2 km from Lecce railway station.
On leaving the station, take Viale Oronzo Quarta, turn left into via Don Bosco, go straight on into via Rudiae, crossing over the bridge and continuing along via Rudiae. Turn left into Viale Grassi at the crossroads, and continue to the traffic lights. Turn right here into via S. Pietro in Lama: the Convento di San Domenicom is at number 23. For a map see the following link
For a taxi in Lecce, phone +39 338 4740350.

By air
The Convento di San Domenico is some 50 km from Brindisi airport.
A shuttle bus service operated by SITA S.p.A. connects the airport to the airport terminal in Lecce. For more information visit the bus operator’s site: sita-on-line.it.
For a taxi in Lecce, phone +39 338 4740350.

By car
The Convento di San Domenico is at via San Pietro in Lama, 23, approximately 2 km from Lecce railway station: see the map at the following link for directions.


TCN has made available a shuttle bus service from the hotel and other conference accommodation to the conference centre. For morer information see the following link

For delegates arriving at Brindisi airport we recommend using a private bus service connecting directly with the conference hotels at a cost of Euro 15 per person (Euro 30 in the case of there being only one passenger). To contact the bus service phone +39 0832 305522.