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EnginSoft S.p.A.

Informatics applied to CAE and iDP, virtual prototyping, process simulation and optimization of design and production processes in general.

The key guidelines to Engin Soft's approach to industry are:

  • the identification of specific, avant-garde partner software, thus ensuring quality and reliability of the service offered over time and also technical support for applications and a deep commitment to our client and consultancy services
  • training at all levels, embracing best-on-the-market methods and content, and a commitment education in the broadest sense
  • awareness of, and the capacity to exploit grant-aided research opportunities
  • evaluation of CAE and virtual prototyping, knowing that these are part of the both the design and industrialization processes and as such must be fully integrated.


ES.TEC.O srl

ESTECO is the world's leading supplier of multi-disciplinary and multi-objective design optimisation software. ESTECO is a strategic supplier of integration and optimisation platforms to many leading companies including EADS, Airbus, BAE Systems, Toyota, Ferrari, DaimlerChrysler, AUDI, BMW, Electrolux and Ford.

modeFRONTIER"! provides a powerful and easy to use solution to include CAE software into an integrated design chain where CAD, FEM, CFD, cost prediction and Six-Sigma design are used simultaneously and in a distributed environment to push the envelope in product development.

modeFRONTIER"! includes a wide range of numerical methods for DOE, Robust Design, Optimisation and data-modelling. A powerful pst-processing and easy to use process flow integration greatly enhance both the engineers as well as the decision maker capability automating frequent tasks while filtering only useful information.


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