Welcome to TCN CAE 2005 Conference

TCN CAE 2005



How to compile and submit your Summary and Final Paper:

  • We ask you to first submit an abstract of your paper until July, 24th 2005. We accept abstracts of maximum 400 words.
  • Your summary will be published in the Conference Abstracts Book that we will hand out to the congress attendees in Lecce.
  • As a second step we ask you to submit your Final Paper (full version) until October 31th 2005. Final Papers should not exceed 4 (four) pages in length.
  • Your Final Paper will appear on the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM that will be mailed to all attendees after the congress.



Authors are requested to submit summary online via http://tcncae05.consorziotcn.it/openconf/openconf.php. This is the Conference web-based submission and review system. You will find full instructions located on this site in the present page. Please follow the guidelines to prepare and upload your article. Once the uploading is done, the system automatically informs the reviewes of your submission. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revisions, will be managed via this system.
Your paper will be identified by an ID number and your email adress.

Final Paper

To allow your paper to move through our production process as efficiently and accurately as possible, we need electronic source files that have paragraph and inline style tags. If you format the source in a word processor by inserting a tab for a new paragraph and printing different levels of headers in gradations of point sizes and in special fonts, etc., so that text prints appropriately during manuscript development, it will be necessary for us to clean up and reformat your manuscript, causing delays and possibly introducing errors. We need electronically coded paragraph and inline style tags, not font and point and space specifications.

Concretely, this means that any of the following formats for source files will optimize the production process: