Welcome to TCN CAE 2005 Conference

TCN CAE 2005


Background and Purpose

TCN is a consortium of companies and research institutes whose mission is to transfer cutting edge technologies to the industry world by promoting high-level education and knowledge sharing between University and Industry.


TCN-CAE 2005 is an end-user oriented conference in the fields of engineering design and production process optimization. The goal of the TCN-CAE series of conferences is to periodically bring together researchers, scientists, engineers and managers working in industry and in academia and active in the fields of applied computational science and engineering. The driving idea behind these conferences is the creation of an environment in which those working in industry can earn advanced research and ensure that technological transfer flows from academia and research centres to industry. The first TCN-CAE conference was held in 2003 at the Forte Village Resort, Pula, Sardinia.

The focus of the TCN-CAE 2005 conference is on emerging technologies for simulating, controlling, and optimizing complex systems, crossing a long list of disciplines such as computational solid and fluid mechanics, material science, multibody and structural dynamics, crash analysis, acoustics, fatigue and durability and process simulation. In line with TCN's mission, the conference will also examine the new educational requirements both at university and post-graduate level for improving CAE end-user capabilities in the least time possible.

Researchers, industry experts and recognized speakers will highlight how the development and the application of advanced CAE tools is the key factor for innovation. Engineers from the automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and consumer product industries, as well as researchers and scientists from the academic world will find a sympathetic environment in which new research topics and challenging applications can be defined. TCN-CAE 2005 is part of a multi-level program developed for the European Atelier for Computational Sciences and Engineering (EUA4X): in particular, young researchers will find this an excellent opportunity to widen their vision of these dynamic and exciting fields.

Program Overview

The aim of the TCN-CAE 2005 Conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of the latest developments of computational technologies for industry and to broaden their application to many other computation-oriented areas.

The conference program will feature an opening plenary session on Wednesday afternoon and five plenary lectures taking place from Thursday morning to Saturday morning. The opening session will focus on the current scenarios of innovation, identifying relevant aspects, needs and strategies to foster innovation in industry. In addition, five plenary sessions will illustrate current and future scenarios in Computational Mechanics, Multidisciplinary Optimization, Process Simulation (with a special emphasis on food and agriculture), Computational Material Science, and Computational Medicine & Biotechnology to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology between research centres and industry on a European and global scale.

Parallel sessions on enabling technologies and industrial applications will flesh out all these themes. Enabling technology sessions will deal with formulations, solution procedures, and validation of computational technologies, while industrial application sessions will deal with the applications of CAE tools in the four main industrial areas of automotive, naval/aerospace, process industry, and other emerging applications

The scientific program of the conference also includes special sessions and mini-symposia that will increase the community awareness of the organizational and educational issues related to the use of computational technologies in industry.