Welcome to TCN CAE 2005 Conference

TCN CAE 2005

Conference Themes

The scientific program of the conference has been designed to strike a balance between industrial applications and pure research. The conference intends to cover many areas of interest in the field of computational science and engineering and their application in industry, including computational mechanics, multidisciplinary optimization, process simulation, computational material science, and computational medicine.

Advances made in numerical methods, software development and the limits to current technologies, necessary developments and future challenges will be considered and discussed. We are especially interested in the work of researchers and industry professionals active in the following areas (the list is not exclusive):

  • Numerical and computational methods
  • Computational solid and fluid mechanics and multi-physics
  • Structural dynamics and flexible multibody dynamics
  • Crashworthiness and impact engineering
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Computational bioengineering
  • Food engineering, food rheology and structure
  • Mesh generation and CAD/CAE Integration
  • Education in computational science and engineering

The organizers also encourage submissions from major application areas that overlap with those listed above such as (but not limited to) the automotive industry, aeronautics, aerospace, naval and off-shore engineering, control and mechatronics, simulation of manufacturing processes and nanotechnologies. In addition, papers are invited on themes such as technology assessment, reliability in practical analysis as well as business management issues, knowledge capture, decision support tools, training and e-learning methodologies.